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  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to a type of software

Quantity: 100 bit
That organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations. A complete ERP suite also includes enterprise performance management, software that helps plan, budget, predict, and report on an organization’s financial results. ERP systems tie together a multitude of business processes and enable the flow of data between them. By collecting an organization’s shared transactional data from multiple sources, ERP systems eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single source of truth. Today, ERP systems are critical for managing thousands of businesses of all sizes and in all industries. To these companies, ERP is as indispensable as the electricity that keeps the lights on.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is called to be virtual private server, is the computer model which uses computer technologies and bases on internet to develop. "Cloud" term is looking back on the complexity of the infrastructure which contains in it. In this computing model, all possibilities which relate to information technology are provided in the form of "server - client", which allow users to access technology services from any servers "in cloud "without knowledge, experience and disregarding the infrastructure which serves that technology

The perfect combination of cloud computing and enterprise structural model, corporations will help businesses manage their employees, parts, and departments easily and  better than function and task. At the same time, according to the structure of the enterprise which is based on actual powers to decentralise to different positions, posts and departments will help the business owner and manager to  manage the production process easily

Software system is closely linked, dependent and derivative to each other among datas and datas of parts and parts, departments and departments, branches and head companies. Example: Accounting department is closely linked to other parts as diagrams to avoid duplication, errors and losing accouting records.

Apart from the tools and functions which are required by the current enterprise accounting law, the software system also adds the assignment of authority and tasks in fact to the software in detail such as the accounting department. Manager of Accounting Department is assigned to make decisions such as deleting, correcting any things which exist in her (his) department and access to related datas, and she (he )is just allowed to manipulate and viewed datas of small departments which are not concerned with her such as account payable, tax accouting, intergrated accouting or inventory accouting. Besides, she(he) can not see others without allowance.

Inventory accouting is divided into 3 small sections to reduce errors in inputting datas and through out these, we can monitor ability of each staff. Depending on the size of each enterprise, there may be a smaller allocation in this section, or an accountant holds the full rights and responsibilities with sufficient tools and functions.

As above described applications, this account payable is also divided into smaller parts which follow the actual business operation and base on the organization of each enterprise to decentralise smaller jobs. At the same time, it’s easy to search, keep track of debt and handle timely when there are any incurred problems which are out of fact. And all the forms such as invoice, dropped receipt and indebtedness notice, etc

This is the part of internal planning costs that arise during business operations such as office expenses, equipments and fixed assets to serve activities of the enterprise. This function will help businesses to minimize the using of individual software in tax report and with datas which are derivative in accounting applications, will make reporting become simpler and easier. All documents, circulars, decrees forms of tax are updated continuously, timely and match with law, etc

Human Resource Management is a two-in-one application in administration management and personnel management. This is the application that helps businesses to minimize and overcome problems of human management and working management clearly, effectly on each people, department, part and job in detail the tools, functions of this section  will help businesses to simplify all procedures, documents from internal to circulated documents which trade with customers fast and conveniently and there are not any expenses  when the computer has to save overlapping, looks up information easily, notices timely and quickly

Manufacturing or trading also requires the process of searching materials, equipment, etc. And every business has to manage effectly, tightly in order not to influence production line. Personnel records, formal and probationary contracts, human resources training, linked training and rotating staffs in the company and human plans, keeping an eye on politeness and ability of each people, each department, controlling work and time, etc. Assessing competency timely. Besides,  accompanying benefits such as birthday notice, reminding plans for Tet, holidays will help businesses to care of each employee more effectively, more quickly.

The business operation of each company, no matter how large or small, also requires a detailed plan, so we base on this fact to offer this application, from composing plan before working until the plan is done, will help the enterprise to get a professional route for their career. The estimate of material, manpower, equipment, capital, implementation and completion time, internal estimating and outsourcing. It will be a tool to help businesses to plan easily and find out solution in time before processing business actions.

When composing an estimate plan, it will need the detail of each part, one by one. It will be a good tool for businesses to process and hold in hand necessary costs, human resources, equipments and what they have to prepare, and which part they have to consider to rent outsourcing and how much they have to pay. We hope that this application will help to simplify everything, act fast, decrease mistakes best, occurred costs are not much and make decision to invest quickly.

Producing or trading a product requires a clear and explicit plan from detail to overall progress. Co-ordinating equipments and machines to avoid wasting resources. So, this application will help businesses to simplify the plan management, process comprehensively, reduce trivial waster and redundancy.

This management processing will help the company to manage everything in production as well as product quality, seize technical specifications, origin and follow up the warranty which are supplied customers. High regular producing or low processing, company aslo needs to stick close on progress and result, the quality of each product. That’s the reason why we offer these applications, get in close contact with real production of each enterprise

The competitors are getting more, the products which exist in market seem to be saturated. Customers require high quality and product style and after sale services. This tool will help company to design products, follow up warranty regulations, warranty management on each product and customer, stick close on each staff, each equipment during warranty process, maintain after sales. Creating the trust and loyalty of traditional customers and new customers.

From searching the demands of the market, consumers to the product lifespan, customers’ feedback from products, services and sales management have been fully integrated in this application. From the fact of business activities, we hope to help businesses to be simpler, faster and create the best competitive advantage.

Before launching any products or services, it is very important to research the market, evaluate and catch the products, demands in detail, etc. Getting a timely and effective solution. We hope, our real application will make businesses more developed.

Trading, customer management, customer care, etc. All are tightly linked to warehouse applications, accounting, etc. Forms which have been properly integrated the real processing correctly will simplify every step in sales and managament, help businesses to detail each staff,  serve customers fastest and create the trust for customers.

Trading by automated tools such as self – acting emails, managing methods which approach other customers. Simultaneously, establishing customer groups to serve better, planning to work efficiently and quickly. The fact has already proved, good service, fastest service will get a lot of loyalists, the market will be enlarged. We have applied from A to Z in conquering customers processing, extending market of businesses

Because the datas which are unconnected, unidentified, follow traditional management style, on each employee, on each machine, so the datas are often wrong from the fact and will get the consequences. Arranging datas is different from reality. That is the reason why we indentify, connect and integrate all in one, clearly, easily, no duplication, no waste, avoid mistakes to detail.

When salesman, or any departments look up product information, the real unsold inventory quantity to inform customers quickly. Creating additional plan timely if missing. That is reason why we separate the warehouse management to avoid messy duplication of business activity. Operating tools are indispensable,so this application will help businesses to create additional options promptly and replace or manage the best current vehicles.

To combat wastefulness, avoid the excess, supplying in time, sorting out clearly, managing effectively. Every department, every staff, every part will promote ability and managers are also easy to follow closely their department, their employees through out our software system. Viewing detailed reports, input, output, fixing datas by schedule. Decentralizing clearly, detailed tools will create a high professional environment and reduce the conflict of resources of each employee, each department.

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